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Learn More about Mary’s Electrolysis Studio in Calgary

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An Experienced Electrologist for Over 30 Years

Established in 1978, Mary’s Electrolysis Studio is doctor-recommended and owned by Mary Gallagher, who has been employed as an electrologist for over 30 years. After she experienced problems battling unwanted hair herself many years ago, Mary developed a personal interest and desire for more information, which ultimately led to a successful career and business formation. Offering a variety of electrolysis and esthetic services for both men and women, Mary enjoys getting to know her clients on a personal level and especially enjoys achieving results that meet or exceed her clients’ expectations.

A Certified Professional Electrologist for All Your Needs

A graduate of the Electrolysis Educational Institute in Toronto, Mary is a Certified Professional Electrologist (CPE) per a federal exam she had to pass to reach this certification of measured excellence, and Registered Dermal Therapist (RDT) accredited. Mary worked in Ontario for 17 years, during which time she spent three years working with a doctor specializing in women with hormonal imbalances.

After five years spent working in Vancouver, British Columbia, Mary has spent the past 12 years here in Calgary.

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